With the unique combination of ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies, AQUANOVA is the ultimate solution for water sanitation in one compact and simple system. Providing the water quality and spa care one could expect from chlorine/salt water systems, AQUANOVA has more sanitizing power, better reliability, and less hassle,all while significantly reducing residual chlorine consumption to deliver the most advanced sanitation potential available.


The Patent Pending built-in venturi injector system provides superior water – ozone – uv mixing for even greater water quality. It will also save you space, time and money in production costs. Simply plumb one tube in and one tube out. No separate injector plumbing required. Built-in fault detection and lamp life timer software takes the guesswork out and ensures the system is operating at its optimum.


How it works

The ozone is produced first, and then exposed to UV light. Once exposed to the UV light, the O3 is converted to hydrogen peroxide, which is further converted to hydroxyl radicals. As an oxidizer, hydroxyl radicals have been found to be more potent than hydrogen peroxide or ozone and much more powerful than chlorine. This is true synergy in that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Scientists conducted an experiment to determine if using UV and ozone together results in better bacterial reduction than UV or ozone alone. Scientists have found that the amount of UV & ozone needed to complete this task was far less when used together, than when used alone.



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